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Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: Colts And Dolphins Stand Alone After Rams Beat Saints

And now there are only two no-win teams in the NFL.

In one of the more puzzling results of the regular season up to this point, the winless St. Louis Rams shocked the New Orleans Saints. The Saints could not run the ball at all on the Rams and forced Drew Brees to throw the football a lot. On the other side, Steven Jackson rushed all over New Orleans and was the ultimate X-factor on Sunday. New Orleans fell into a 24-0 hole before losing 31-21.

The Miami Dolphins seemed like they were also on the verge of climbing out of the hole when they took an early stunning 14-3 lead on the New York Giants and led 17-10 into the fourth. New York actually did want to win their football game though, scoring ten unanswered points to push Miami to 0-7. The Indianapolis Colts also derped things up real good against the Tennessee Titans, falling 27-10.

The Colts and Dolphins now seem like the teams with the inside track to get the number one draft pick, with Andrew Luck the likely prize. Who wouldn't want the Stanford quarterback after last night?

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