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College Football Rankings, Week 10: AP Poll Bumps Oklahoma Back Into Top Ten

The Associated Press has released their week ten college football rankings and Oklahoma is the big winner. The Sooners went into Manhattan, Kansas and destroyed the Kansas State Wildcats. A week after their tough loss to Texas Tech, the victory has OU climbing from No. 11 back to No. 7. The top five in the poll remains the same, while Oregon has climbed up to No. 6 following Clemson's loss.

Stanford hold steady at No. 4 this week following their triple-overtime victory against the USC Trojans. The AP Poll has no bearing on their spot in the week ten BCS rankings, but it does provide some thought on how the Harris Poll will situate later today. The Harris Poll replaced the AP Poll as the second human poll in the BCS rankings.

Stanford has a chance to gain some ground next week as No. 1 LSU and No. 2 Alabama square off. If it ends up being a close game, we could very well see the loser drop no more than one spot. Stanford fans should be rooting for a big winner in that game just to get the loser a few spots down. Additionally, Stanford can be rooting for Kansas State to pull off the road upset against the third-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys. If Stanford finishes the season undefeated, they will need some help between now and the end of the season if they are going to end up in the national title game.

Here are your week ten AP rankings:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Boise State
6. Oregon
7. Oklahoma
8. Arkansas
9. Nebraska
10. South Carolina