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Stanford Vs. USC Score Update: Andrew Luck Leads Spectacular Comeback To Put Stanford Ahead 24-20

The Stanford Cardinal have had a lot of detractors this season saying that they have yet to play a tough team. That's very much open for debate, but it is clear through the first three innings that the tough defense of the USC Trojans is serving as something of a wake-up call.

USC's offense came alive in the second half, with Curtis McNeal scoring two rushing touchdowns in quick successions in the third quarter, which put the Trojans on top 20-10 in front of a jubilant home crowd.

As has so often been the case though, Stanford's superstar quarterback Andrew Luck has saved the biggest theatrics and most thrilling plays for the second half. Luck was able to lead a spectacular drive featuring one of the best trick plays in recent memory. The drive culminated in a short Luck touchdown pass to Ryan Hewitt, and followed it up a few minutes later by running it in himself to put Stanford on top, 24-20.

One other interesting note: Stanford has been charged with seven penalties so far for a total loss of 50 yards, while USC has yet to be charged with a penalty. Pretty impressive, considering how strong their offense has looked in this game.

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