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BCS Rankings: Kansas State Obliteration By Oklahoma Should Benefit Stanford

The Kansas St. Wildcats looked like a potential BCS buster when they cruised through the first two months of the season undefeated. That all ended when the Oklahoma Sooners detonated on Kansas State in Manhattan for 35 second half points en route to a 58-17 victory.

This should help move up the Stanford Cardinal in the computer rankings, as Kansas State was ranked well above Stanford in the computers. Along with the upset of Texas A&M by Missouri, the Big 12 computer rankings could be significantly impacted when Stanford's computer rankings start to move up as they get into the meat of their schedule.

Kansas State leaves only the Oklahoma St. Cowboys as the lone Big 12 undefeated team. Oklahoma State dropped Baylor in a 59-24 rout in Stillwater, but the Cowboys do still have to play both Kansas State and Oklahoma. If Stanford remains undefeated, Oklahoma State is likely the biggest threat to the Cardinal obtaining that second BCS title spot. They'll probably need one more upset in the Big 12.

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