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Michigan State Trampled By Nebraska; Stanford Should Trump Big Ten Champion In BCS Rankings

Another Big Ten BCS contender bit the dust on Saturday. This time it was the Michigan St. Spartans, who went to Lincoln and were locked down by the Nebraska Cornhuskers 24-3. Michigan State was the lone undefeated Big 10 team left after upsetting Wisconsin in dramatic fashion last week, but now they might have to settle for winning the conference and going to the Rose Bowl (such an awful consolation prize).

The Stanford Cardinal are going to to have one less conference to worry about now if they keep on winning their games. The Big Ten champion will not be undefeated, so that means that the Cardinal should be able to stay ahead of them in the BCS rankings. Stanford's main competition for the final BCS title spot (assuming the LSU-Alabama winner wins out) now becomes Clemson (still undefeated) and whoever wins the Big 12, particularly Oklahoma State or Kansas State if they stay undefeated.

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