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Miami Dolphins Players Hate The 'Suck for Luck' Campaign

It's no secret, Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is really good, and NFL teams have to undoubtedly be drooling over the prospect of drafting his services. This, of course, comes with the cold, hard fact that your team must have done really, really bad in the 2011-12 season to even get a chance at him. One of these teams is the Miami Dolphins, still winless on the year and unfortunately right on track to be a top candidate for Mr. Luck. But don't mention that to any of the players down in South Beach. 

Here's what tight end Anthony Fasano told WFAN's Joe and Evan about the "Suck for Luck" idea:

"It's sick actually, I can't even fathom those thoughts of those people that conjure up that stuff.  They have never played sports and pretty much aren't really our loyal fans.  I can't really put any weight into that and I know the players don't listen to it.  It's a shame, but people are going to talk and we just have to block that out."    

Linebacker Karlos Kansby was a bit more straightforward: 

"It pisses me off."

Let's be honest, the Dolphins need a player like Andrew Luck, just as much as the Indianpolis Colts or any other team in the running for the first pick of the draft next year. No one ever want's to admit that they've given up or that they don't think they can win, that's just not a mindset that happens in the NFL, but if anyone watched the Colts on Sunday Night Football, it was obvious they had more than football on their mind.

If "loyal" Dolphin fans want to see Andrew Luck next season so be it, that's their right. The players can change those people's tunes with just a few numbers in the win column.