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Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: Dolphins, Colts Top Contenders After Embarrassing Defeats

The race is narrowing for the top pick in the NFL Draft. And barring an Eli Manning situation, Andrew Luck might now have two main contenders for his services.

The Miami Dolphis and the Indianapolis Colts are now the teams most likely to complete for the number one pick. The Dolphins probably reached a new low by blowing a 15-0 lead to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, dropping them to 0-6 on the season. Miami's schedule does not get any easier from here, with road games to the Giants and the Chiefs upcoming plus a homestand against Washington and Buffalo.

The Colts just got straight flattened by Drew Brees and the Saints, losing 62-7. Their schedule is immensely easier the next few weeks (a road date to Tennessee and a home date with Jacksonville three weeks from now), so you have to feel better about Indianapolis's hopes about winning at least one game.

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