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College Football Rankings: Week 9 Harris Interactive Poll Sets Second Half Of BCS Human Polls

The week nine BCS rankings will be released in a little under three hours, which means the various component polls are being released throughout the day. Earlier today the week nine USA Today/Coaches Poll saw the Stanford Cardinal get bumped up to No. 4 as both the Cardinal and Oklahoma State Cowboys leapfrogged Boise State. The Broncos were punished for a relatively close 37-26 victory over the Air Force Falcons.

We now have the second human poll as the week nine Harris Interactive College Football Poll is out. The Harris Poll replaced the AP Poll and has a voting body consisting of former coaches, players and administrators, as well as current and former members of the media.

The week nine Harris Poll has also jumped the Stanford Cardinal up to the No. 4 spot, just behind Oklahoma State and just ahead of Boise State. The Cardinal had little trouble with the Washington Huskies and continue their strong run this season.

Here are the top ten teams in the Harris Interactive Poll:

1. LSU
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma State
4. Stanford
5. Boise State
6. Clemson
7. Oregon
8. Oklahoma
9. Arkansas
10. Kansas State

The big game this coming Saturday features No. 8 Oklahoma vs. No. 10 Kansas State. The top two teams in the poll, LSU and Alabama, are both on bye as they get ready for their monster showdown in two weeks. Two weeks from now we will see some kind of shakeup in the BCS. Either LSU or Alabama will lose. Additionally, Oklahoma State will face a ranked Kansas State. If Stanford can defeat USC and Oregon State, they could climb as high as number two in two weeks.