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Wisconsin Badgers Last-Second Hail Mary Upset To Michigan State Greatly Benefits Stanford Cardinal

The Stanford Cardinal might not have just won huge in their beatdown of the Washington Huskies. They might have taken a huge leap up in the race to the BCS National Championship.

Thanks to the last-second heroics of Kirk Cousins and Keith Nichol, the Michigan St. Spartans just pulled off one of the most dramatic victories of the college football season, upsetting the undefeated Wisconsin Badgers. Check out the video of the play here.


(Via Ben Golliver)

Michigan State now becomes the prohibitive favorite to win the Big Ten, but more importantly they've probably taken the conference out of the BCS title race. And Stanford is set to benefit, as they're poised to move up the BCS rankings and ever so closer to being one of the true national title contenders. We'll see how it plays out when the BCS rankings are released Sunday.

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