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ANIMATED: Coby Fleener One-Handed TD Catch For Stanford Vs. UCLA

Andrew Luck wasn't the only Stanford Cardinal player making one-handed catches on Saturday night in Palo Alto.  Luck will get all the glory because "QBs don't make one handed catches. QBs don't even go out of the backfield durrr!!!", but his tight end Coby Fleener had his own personal highlight only a few plays later, and his pluck from the sky was potentially even better.

Check the animated photo out after the jump! If you're having trouble viewing, click the photo or check it out by clicking here.


(Image courtesy of bubbaprog of Mocksession)

Poor Dietrich Riley. He thought he was going to make a play on the ball and potentially have a shot at an interception. Instead he was left falling to the end zone as Fleener stood triumphant over him, draped in uncustomary Stanford black. Metaphors! Symbolism! Get your emails to your high school English teachers all set and ready to go!

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