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Andrew Luck, Mark Madsen Guest Star In McDonald's Parody Video By Stanford Basketball

Well, at least we can say the Stanford Cardinal basketball team is one of the silliest in all of college hoops!

(via stanfordathletics)

Nice to see Dwight Powell and Josh Owens try to replicate the Michael Jordan/Larry Bird dynamic, although technically it seems to harken more to the inferior LeBron James/Dwight Howard knockoff. At least watching Powell run down his own dunk (seriously, it's pretty chuckle-worthy) makes it all worth it.

Andrew Luck makes a guest appearance and then attempts a full-court pass to Owens, even though it's clear no one is under the rim to receive it when he gets it.  Look at how invested Luck is--it's almost as if someone woke him up from a siesta to do this.

Mark Madsen hamming it up is a bonus. How can you not enjoy anything that prominently features Mark Madsen?

Thanks to Diamond Leung of ESPN's College Basketball Nation blog for the find.

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