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Andrew Luck Heisman Trophy Watch 2011: Luck Ranks First In ESPN’s ‘Heisman Watch’

Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is one of the best athletes in college football and has led his team to a 6-0 record. While Luck is focused on the team's upcoming games against No. 25 Washington and (a few weeks down the road) No. 9 Oregon, others are focusing on his Heisman potential. According to ESPN's ‘Heisman Watch,' Luck ranks first in this week's ESPN Experts' Poll.

The poll features the opinions of 15 ESPN analysts (from Rece Davis to Todd McShay) and compiles them into one compact ranking. Out of 15 votes, Luck received nine first-place votes, five second-place votes and one fourth-place vote. In other words, all but one analyst picked Luck as a top-two candidate for the Heisman.

Luck's total score checks in at 67, well above Wisconsin quarterback and second-place contender Russell Wilson (54 points). Alabama running back Trent Richardson (44 points), Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore (34 points) and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III (14 points) round out the top five.

Luck and Wilson face tough teams this week, and big games by one or both of them could help their respective Heisman campaigns. Luck and the Cardinal play host to No. 25 Washington while Wilson and the Badgers travel to No. 16 Michigan State for their first road game of the season.