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Andrew Luck Sweepstakes Power Rankings: Dolphins Plunge Behind (Ahead?) Of Colts

We have plenty of teams trying to go for that number one draft pick. Who's going to end up on the bottom? Let's find out!

1. The Miami Dolphins (0-5) put on a putrid display of football on Monday Night Football, losing to the New York Jets 24-6 in a game that was better designed to be played in a sealed-off mineshaft. Miami held New York to three three-and-outs while moving the ball up and down the field early, but were trailing 7-3 because Matt Moore threw a pick-six.  After that Miami looked worse and worse. Despite outgaining the Jets and picking up a few more first downs, the Dolphins couldn't hold onto the football (five fumbles, one lost) and Moore threw another interception. The Jets got all they needed  from their defense and managed a few offensive scores to put the game out of reach.

2. Give credit to the Indianapolis Colts (0-6). At least they're trying to look like they want to win football games. The Colts lost 27-17, but had a chance to win in the final minutes before a Pierre Garcon fumble recovery was returned for a touchdown. Still, giving up an incredible 78% completion rate to rookie Andy Dalton looks pretty bad, doesn't it? Their defense wasn't great last season, but it shouldn't have been this bad.

3. The St. Louis Rams (0-5) could end up with this pick, even if they don't want it. Their next opponent is the angry and frustrated Dallas Cowboys, and then after that comes from the New Orleans Saints. Good thing they're in the NFC West--they've got to manage a win against Seattle or Arizona, right?

4. The Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) continue to lose, but Luck isn't a real option here is he? Blaine Gabbert is their guy, and he's got absolute garbage to work with. Luck would be hard-pressed bringing these Jags to a 9-7 season. Hey, at least we won't have to watch this team on Monday Night Football or anything next week.

5.  After picking up a win against the Arizona Cardinals, the Minnesota Vikings (1-5) went on Sunday Night Football and spent three hours getting ripped into tiny pieces. But just like Jacksonville, Minnesota hitched their wagons to their new young quarterback in Christian Ponder (maybe). They're only part-time contenders in this race.

6.  Back below the Earth falls the Denver Broncos (1-4), who are starting Tim Tebow to keep fans placated for the rest of the season while they start their quest for real Luck. Of course, if they really want to show they're serious about this pick, they'll need to lose to an openly-tanking Dolphins team next week. Otherwise they're just pretenders in this race of pretenders.

7. The Arizona Cardinals (1-4) would be higher on this list if they didn't play the Rams twice. The two should split their series and probably cancel out each other's chances, ensuring that the Cardinals repeat this dance, although this time it'll be for "QB who is much much worse than Andrew Luck" but also "QB who  doesn't want to make you stuff goose eggs in your eyes like Kevin Kolb".