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Cal Football Bowl Projections: Las Vegas Bowl Or Sun Bowl?

The California Golden Bears have gone from pretty good position at 3-0 to make a bowl game to 3-3 and in perilous danger of toppling out. Cal has gone 0-3 in the Pac-12 and really need to recover in a hurry. The good thing for the Bears is that their easiest games are ahead.

Cal will now play Utah, Oregon State and Washington State at home and have a good shot at beating every team; a road trip against UCLA also looms. If Cal can right the ship and correct their issues, they have a decent shot at going 4-0 before finishing the season against Stanford and Arizona State.

Currently Cal is predicted to end up in a lower-tier Pac-12 bowl: either they'll play in Vegas in the Las Vegas Bowl against a top Mountain West Conference squad (at least according to Ted Miller or Brad Edwards), or they'll go to the Sun Bowl and play a team like Florida State (according to Mark Schlabach). Cal is going to have start winning in a hurry to justify those projections.

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