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USA Today/Coaches Poll, Week 8: Stanford Moves Into Fifth

The Stanford Cardinal are leading the charge of Pac-12 teams making the USA Today/Coaches poll this week, finding themselves ranked the highest amongst the other four in conference teams making the grade in week eight of the season.

After the Cardinals pummeled the Washington State Cougars up in Pullman this Saturday, it was obvious that they were going to make a jump in the rankings, which they did, leapfrogging from seventh to fifth, joining the ranks of Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama and Wisconsin as the top schools in the country. Pac-12 rival Oregon also moved up in the polls, moving into the eighth spot after taking out number 25 Arizona State.

The Washington Huskies made their first appearance in the top 25 this year with their big win over Colorad,o propelling them to 24th in the polls. Michigan State moved into the top 15 with their win over rival Michigan, while Boise State fell to seventh in the polls.

1 Oklahoma
3 Alabama
4 Wisconsin
5 Stanford
6 Oklahoma State
7 Boise State
8 Clemson
9 Oregon
10 Arkansas
11 Nebraska
12 South Carolina
13 Michigan State
14 West Virginia
15 Virginia Tech
16 Kansas State
17 Michigan
18 Texas A&M
19 Georgia Tech
20 Houston
21 Illinois
22 Penn State
23 Auburn
24 Washington
25 Arizona State