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Andrew Luck Sweepstakes: Philadelphia Eagles Embarrassingly A Dark Horse Candidate

The Philadelphia Eagles were anointed the Dream Team going into 2011. They didn't know that the nickname could end up meaning a dream to grab the number one draft pick.

While they're not quite as likely to tank as the other teams on this list--there's too much talent for this team to lose indefinitely--the Eagles clearly have disappointed relative to expectations, and their team has too many deficiencies to really contend for a championship at this point. And Philadelphia's schedule will demand victories--three straight home games against Dallas, Chicago, and Arizona await, all absolutely winnable.

So let's just entertain the idea of the Eagles going into the tank. Would Philadelphia even think about going to the bottom and drafting Andrew Luck? Michael Vick is currently locked in as Philadelphia's quarterback for the next six seasons, but after a spectacular 2010 campaign, he's looked fairly average. Trying to go down for a meaningless season to grab a game changer like Luck could be the type of jump start Philadelphia needs. The team could try and trade Vick away to another NFL squad that needs a quarterback in return for assets and draft picks to help Luck out.

Still, it's way too early for Philadelphia to give up on this season. But sometimes teams have to look at the bigger picture and think about who can end up giving them the championship they want.

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