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Andrew Luck Heisman Trophy Watch 2011: Blow-Out Against Colorado Bodes Well For Cardinal Quarterback

The Andrew Luck Heisman Trophy campaign rolls on, and on Saturday rolled right over the Colorado Buffaloes as the Stanford Cardinal blew out the unranked team, 48-7.

Although Luck wasn't credited with a touchdown until late in the second quarter when he hooked up with Ryan Hewitt on a one-yard pass, he came out firing right out of the gate. On Stanford's first possession, Luck racked up 72 passing yards on a sprint towards the Colorado end zone that took less than four minutes of game time.

When all was said and done, Luck was 26-for-33 with 370 passing yards, three TDs and an interception.He averaged just over 11 yards per pass, and Stanford was never in danger for the duration of the game. Although Luck was able to put up some fairly gaudy numbers, the game against Colorado was far from a true display of what Luck or Stanford were capable of.

The game has a restrained feel to it on Stanford's end, as though they were conserving themselves for the tougher games in the schedule yet to come. It didn't have the feel of an unchecked mauling, as Boise State recently exhibited with glee in their lopsided win over Fresno. This was a workmanlike performance for Luck and a workmanlike performance for Stanford in general. Nothing too flashy, just enough to establish their attitude as a dominant team.