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ANIMATED: Andrew Luck One-Handed Catch For Stanford Vs. UCLA

I imagine an iteration of this conversation occurred before today's Stanford-UCLA game.

Andrew Luck: Hey Drew, why don't we design a play for me to catch the ball?

Drew Terrell: You think so?

Luck: Yeah, sure, it'll be fun! It's not like we're in danger if something goes wrong.

Terrell: Would coach get mad if we did something like that?

Luck: Take a look at who we're playing.

Terrell:  Oh, yeah. Won't be a problem.

This is what resulted (If having trouble viewing the image, click on it to view, or click here).


(HT Timothy Burke of Mocksession)

Of course, Terrell nearly caused a national incident when he overthrew Luck, forcing the QB to stretch for the ball. If Luck was made of human elements like carbon, he'd probably have sprained something in his knee and the Cardinal's national title hopes would be buried somewhere deep. But for that bearded android who's pretty perfect at playing football, it wasn't a big deal at all.

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