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Stanford vs. UCLA Score Update: Andrew Luck & Coby Fleener Capitalize On Goal-Line Stand, Cardinal Lead 7-0

The UCLA Bruins actually came out and looked competent offensively on their opening drive. They managed to drive the ball down the field on their opening drive. Richard Brehaut connected with Shaquelle Evans for 16 yards and 10 yards, then found Jordon James for 21 yards and Nelson Rosario for 13 yards to set up first and goal at the four. But UCLA could not punch it in, as James, Johnathan Franklin, Derrick Coleman and Brehaut were all stuffed on successive downs.

Stanford took over from their own seven yard line, and then went to it. Luck connected with Zach Ertz for 17 yards, Chris Owusu for 13 and 8 yards, and Coby Fleener for 8 yards. Then Luck caught his own pass that you'll probably be seeing on SportsCenter. Add in a few Stepfan Taylor rushes, and Luck found Coby Fleener to give the Cardinal the early lead after one quarter.

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