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Andrew Luck Not Swayed By Jim Harbaugh Departure, Will Remain At Stanford

Andrew Luck and Jim Harbaugh have always been tied together, so it's interesting that their final decisions seem like they're totally separate and have no relation to each other. Harbaugh is leaving his Heisman runner-up quarterback with the Stanford Cardinal to head onto coach the San Francisco 49ers, so a lot of speculation seems amidst that Luck will now reconsider his decision and declare for the 2011 NFL Draft.

According to Andrew's father, nothing has changed with regards to his son's decision. Oliver Luck, the current AD at West Virginia, told ESPN's Joe Schad there was zero chance that he would reconsider his decision. Apparently Luck really is genuine in his appreciation for his education and his desire to finish his degree before declaring for the NFL Draft, and Luck wasn't making his decision to try and convince Harbaugh to come back (Luck knew there was a good chance Harbaugh would be gone, according to his dad, and was prepared for that).

NFL bottom-dwellers, better start reviewing your tape of Blaine Gabbert, Ryan Mallett and Cam Newton. The quarterback you've been dreaming about is still a year away.