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Tony Sparano Will Remain Miami Dolphins Head Coach; Jim Harbaugh Not Taking His Talents To South Beach

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Tony Sparano must be the most patient man in America. The Miami Dolphins seemed to be on the verge of firing him mere hours ago to replace him with Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh. Owner Stephen Ross was planning on making him the highest paid coach in the NFL and there would be a new show in South Beach.

Now? Chris Mortensen tweets that the Dolphins believes Sparano will retain the job (Matt Maiocco, the CSN Insider, confirms this story). Apparently Ross appears to think that Harbaugh must not be interested enough. There are some reports circulating that Harbaugh was miffed that Ross came to him third after Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden, and that Harbaugh was uncomfortable at the thought of Ross turning the Dolphins into the "Lakers of the NFL". That sort of flash might have worked on LeBron James for the Miami Heat, but for the old-school Harbaugh? Not as much. For more on these rumors, check out Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee and Jamie Dukes of the Palm Beach Post for their insights and millings.

Madness.  Cross the Dolphins off the list of suitors for the hottest coach in America. It's suddenly looking like a two horse race between the 49ers and the Cardinal.