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Miami Dolphins Cannot Hire Jim Harbaugh Yet; Dolphins Must Interview Rooney Rule Candidate & Fire Tony Sparano First

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According to Mindi Bach, Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has left the Bay Area, but he doesn't have a deal with Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh yet. Most of this is due to the fact that Ross hasn't taken care of business in his own house yet.

Adam Schefter mentioned that two things have to take place before Harbaugh can move ahead to accept the offer. As we've mentioned about a hundred times, Tony Sparano is still the head coach of the Dolphins. However, all indications are that if Harbaugh accepts the deal Ross is offering to making him the highest paid coach in the NFL, he will be out. Pretty sleazy, huh?

But also, Harbaugh couldn't accept the deal because the Dolphins need to interview a Rooney Rule minority head coaching candidate, just so Miami will reject that head coaching candidate to move onto hire Harbaugh. Well then.

Basically, the Harbaugh coaching watch is far from over. Stanford, San Francisco, Miami all remain in contention for his services.