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Stanford Cardinal President Met With Jim Harbaugh; Harbaugh's Decision Not Intertwined With Andrew Luck

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Stanford Cardinal fans are hopeful that the return of quarterback Andrew Luck would be enough to entice head coach Jim Harbaugh to return. Harbaugh is notably fond of the signal-caller, and the thought of coming back for one last go-around and getting a national championship is entirely compelling.

But it's looking as if Luck's decision will not have any bearing on what Harbaugh will decide to do with his future. The Cardinal Report (Stanford Rivals site) tweets that Harbaugh's and Luck's decisions will be separate. If Stanford wants to get Harbaugh, they'll need to be able to impress him separately. And much impressing will be necessary to match the lucrative offers of the San Francisco 49ers and the Miami Dolphins.

According to Scott Reiss of CSN Bay Area, Harbaugh met with Cardinal president John Hennessy in order to hear their best offer. Although their salary offer will fall well short of whatever a pro team can offer (particularly the Dolphins), there are other incentives they can offer Harbaugh though, like job security and a better work environment (toilets anyone?). Will that (and maybe Luck) be enough to bring Stanford's greatest modern coach back to Palo Alto?