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Jim Harbaugh Reportedly Accepting Eight Million Dollar Offer To Be Miami Dolphins Head Coach, Tony Sparano To Be Fired

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Andrew Luck is returning to the Stanford Cardinal. It's not looking as if his head coach will be joining him.

As we told you last night, Jim Harbaugh received a huge sales pitch from Miami Dolphins billionaire owner Steve Ross, who was willing to make Harbaugh one of the highest paid coaches in all of football. Harbaugh seems to be on the verge of accepting that deal, according to Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports and Linda Cohn of ESPN. Current head coach Tony Sparano seems to be the odd man out, and will be fired around the same time Harbaugh gets elevated to the position.

Harbaugh, according to reports from KNBR Radio in San Francisco, will reportedly be paid eight million dollars a year as Dolphins head coach. That would make him the highest paid coach in all of football. Pretty incredible for a guy that has only spent two years coaching in the NFL (two years with the Oakland Raiders as their quarterback coach in 2002-2003).

SBN Bay Area will let you know if Harbaugh accepts the deal.