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Andrew Luck, Projected Number One Pick In 2011 NFL Draft, Returns To Stanford For Junior Season

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The best quarterback in college football will remain the best quarterback in college football. Stanford Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is returning for his third season, where he will probably throw a perfect season in the Pac-10. NFL scouts are going to have to wait another year to salivate over the signalcaller in Palo Alto, as he appears to be quite content in continuing to develop as a quarterback, regardless of whether Jim Harbaugh returns or not as his head coach.

This is an incredibly risky move for the Cardinal quarterback economically. Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports reports that if the NFL has its way in restructuring their rookie salary scale to match the NBA’s, Luck stands to lose as much as $63 million and $45 million guaranteed under the new collective bargaining agreement the league is negotiating.

It appears that Luck doesn’t seem to care about financial incentives though. Jon Wilner reports that Luck wants to graduate and earn his degree in architectural design before turning pro.

Wow. A student-athlete at the premier position in all of sports actually taking into account the student part of his college experience. Who would have thought.

Harbaugh was right about his quarterback deciding to come back. It remains to be seen if he’ll be there to lead him next year.