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Jim Harbaugh To Receive Sales Pitch From Miami Dolphins Owner Steve Ross

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Just when you think the San Francisco 49ers might be on the verge of making a big deal to wrap up Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross is flying to the West Coast to make him an offer. Looks like Miami wasn't just chatting idly with Harbaugh when he was there for the Orange Bowl; their interest was genuine.

Now, all reports indicate that the Niners are going to offer Harbaugh a lot. Matt Maiocco reports that Harbaugh would gain significant control over player personnel and be one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL if he accepted their deal. It'd be hard to imagine what Miami would offer to top that--they'd probably have to do the same thing and up their contract offer as well to top Harbaugh.

All this must be rather amusing to Tony Sparano, who is STILL the Dolphins head coach. Given all these movements by Ross, he probably won't be there for much longer.