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Dave Brandon Provides Death Blow To Jim Harbaugh To Michigan Dreams

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For a few months, Michigan Wolverines fans have dreamed of replacing Rich Rodriguez with Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbaugh. Don't expect it to happen anymore. Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon seemed to dismiss the thought of Harbaugh by making a public proclamation--according to what he told the Detroit News, he thought Harbaugh would be in the pros next season.

"Jim has a lot of contacts to this program; the Harbaugh family does. Jim Harbaugh is close to Michigan … I personally believe that Jim Harbaugh is headed to the NFL, but that's my opinion as opposed to any qualified judgment I can give you on that."

While fans of the San Francisco 49ers must be ecstatic, the people down in Palo Alto better just hope that Brandon is blowing smoke here.

This is a serious situation for Brandon, who now has fired Rodriguez and doesn't have the replacement Michigan fans have wanted for quite some time. The current alternative appears to be San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke, who no one seems satisfied with. If Harbaugh doesn't immediately reconsider and take the job, Brandon is stuck between a rock and a hard place unless he can really land a big name like a Les Miles from LSU or Chris Petersen from Boise State.

Meanwhile, Harbaugh remains in complete control of the situation, as he continues his discussions with the 49ers and owner Jed York...