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Report: Rich Rodriguez Fired At Michigan; Final Jim Harbaugh Push Now?

The news out of Ann Arbor is that sources are indicating Rich Rodriguez has now officially been fired by the the University of Michigan. He was reportedly fired yesterday but Michigan denied it fairly vehemently. However we now have a 9:30am pacific press conference scheduled in which the announcement is expected from Dave Brandon.

As all this has gone on, the 49ers have locked in their GM and begun interviewing head coaching candidates. The commonly held belief is that the 49ers will work to get Jim Harbaugh in as coach by the end of today if at all possible. However, now that Michigan is free to completely pursue a new coach one has to wonder if they’ll make a last ditch effort for Jim Harbaugh, a noted Michigan alum.

Although the reports indicate Jim Harbaugh will not go to Michigan, I’d have to imagine the Wolverines will make one final push for their famous son. Although they may not get him, they could still have a chance to throw some money at him and try and play on the whole school pride angle. It doesn’t appear likely to work, but this is basically their last chance with him.

It’s basically become a race against time now as Michigan and the 49ers would both appear to be in pursuit of Harbaugh. Add in Denver and Miami as possible suitors and it’s safe to say Jim Harbaugh has as much leverage as he may ever have. While he’s done well for himself at Stanford, it’s safe to say he’ll be cashing some truly serious paychecks soon.