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Report: Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez Not Fired Yet?

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Things are officially crazy in the Wolverine State as the rumors swirling around embattled University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez have reached a frenzy. Earlier today all reports indicated Rodriguez had been fired in a private meeting with the Michigan athletic director.

However, the Michigan page just posted that the decision will reportedly not be made until tomorrow:

The players’ meeting that had been scheduled for tonight at 7:00 p.m. has been delayed until tomorrow at 4:00.

If the private firing has not yet occurred I really don’t know what is now holding it up. One reasonable explanation could be that Michigan still thinks it can get something done with Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh and wants to buy some more time. Brady Hoke had emerged as the new candidate of choice, but maybe Michigan just can’t quit Jim Harbaugh. The infatuation, particularly in the fan base, has been there from day one and it can be hard to get over that.

Whatever the case, it sounds like we’ll be right back here tomorrow wondering when Rich Rodriguez will officially get his pink slip. It seems crazy to think he’d hold on to the job at this point.