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Michigan Wolverines Head Coach Rich Rodriguez Reportedly Fired; Jim Harbaugh Next In Line?

Sources told FOX2 in Detroit that Michigan Wolverines head coach Rich Rodriguez was fired in a private meeting with athletic director David Brandon. (The Detroit Free Press confirms this story). Rodriguez's final game at Michigan was probably the dagger, as a 52-14 blowout to Mississippi State in the 2011 Gator Bowl seemed like a pretty meek response for a coach fighting for his job.

Rodriguez finishes his career 15-22 in three years at Michigan and only one winning season, this year's 7-6 bowl eligible Michigan squad. Although he was finally able to recruit the type of players necessary to run his potent spread offense, the hiring of Greg Robinson for defensive coordinator was his death knell, as the Wolverines defense plummeted to one of the worst in college football the past two seasons.

So now the speculation begins in earnest--is Rodriguez's departure a sign that Jim Harbaugh is on his way to Ann Arbor? The report earlier today signifying Harbaugh wasn't interested as much in the job as before could be a bad sign, but Rodriguez being fired indicates Michigan might be willing to throw the treasure chest at the Stanford Cardinal head coach in order to get him to come. Brandon firing Rodriguez like this seems to indicate that he has someone in line to replace him.