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Jim Harbaugh Prefers NFL, Even Stanford To Michigan? Whatever

In a stunning development to Michigan Wolverines fans everywhere, Stanford Cardinal head coach Jim Harbuagh seems to be downplaying the idea of heading back to his alma mater and replacing the beleaguered Rich Rodriguez.  While it makes sense that his primary focus would be the NFL, more puzzlingly, he seems to be preferring a return back to Stanford after Adam Schefter said he was as good as gone from Palo Alto over heading to Michigan. The Detroit Free Press has more on the story.


This smells like shenanigans to me. Why would Harbaugh suddenly just lose interest in the Michigan job after conventional wisdom stated that he would be head back to take over the program?

I think this might be more contract leveraging by Harbaugh and his agent, which is exactly like what we thought Harbaugh would do after winning the Orange Bowl. The NFL will obviously offer him the highest price, but Michigan should definitely be able to offer him more than Stanford. Perhaps this is just to open up the wallet of Wolverines donors and boosters a little bigger...

Don't think Harbaugh is out of the Michigan coaching candidacy yet.