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Jim Harbaugh Being Pursued For Miami Dolphins Head Coach To Possibly Replace Tony Sparano

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And just when you thought Jim Harbaugh was down to the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos for NFL coaching candidacies, the Miami Dolphins have thrown their hat into the ring. The Dolphins were talking to Harbaugh during the Orange Bowl weekend down in South Florida according to NFL Network Insider Jason La Cafora, and he's definitely a candidate if he wants to be one. Tony Sparano is in a precarious position after two straight 7-9 seasons, although Miami probably won't fire Sparano unless Harbaugh is willing to commit.

There's some attractiveness to being the Dolphins head coach. He wouldn't have to deal with the curious ownership situation in San Francisco. He wouldn't be second fiddle to stars like Tim Tebow and John Elway. And with the focus around LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat, Harbaugh can steal the spotlight by resurrecting Miami back to national prominence.

It's just more intrigue in a coaching race that seems to have no end.