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Jim Harbaugh Dodges And Stiff Arms Michele Tafoya After 2011 Orange Bowl Victory

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Jim Harbaugh is still currently the head coach of the Stanford Cardinal, but everyone seems to realize that he might be on his way out the door--whether to Michigan, or the 49ers, or the Broncos, or anyplace but Stanford. So it's clear that anytime the media gets a chance to talk to him, they'll eventually try to pop the question about his future status with the program.

Not for this ninja. Michele Tafoya, the Orange Bowl sideline reporter for ESPN, got the first crack in to pop the question about what the 2011 offseason holds for him after Stanford wrecked Virginia Tech 40-12. Harbaugh would have none of that, not even bothering to make eye contact, seeming to avoid the fact that he was even conversing with Tafoya. Eventually, he called over the immortal leader of Stanford, the one and only Shayne Skov, and strode off into the night.

That was some serious kung-fu right there (Tafoya eventually ditched poor Skov for Andrew Luck). Seems like a guy who's definitely going to stay in Palo Alto, huh? Check out the video after the jump, courtesy of Instant Replay.

Michelle Tafoya Gets the Cold Shoulder from Jim Harbaugh (via instntrply)