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2011 Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech Gets Safety Thanks To Gaffe By Stanford Lineman Derek Hall

Virginia Tech finally got some help courtesy of some Stanford Cardinal epic brain-farts. First Drew Terrell decided to field a punt around his own five after a great punt by Brian Saunders and got tackled for no gain. After Stanford made two runs for minimal gain, Andrew Luck dropped back to pass, was getting sacked, then threw it up into the air. It was deflected by a Virginia Tech Hokie defender into the back of the end zone harmlessly for an incompletion.

Inexplicably though, Stanford tackle Derek Hall decided to catch the ball in the end zone. There was no penalty for illegal touching because a Virginia Tech defender tipped it, but if Hall had just batted the ball down it would've been an incomplete pass. Instead it was a safety, and Virginia Tech finally was on the board, down only 7-2. And this is why offensive linemen don't catch passes. They dream too big.

See the play below.

 (via NORDGE1)


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