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Orange Bowl 2011: Stanford Band Banned From Performing During Halftime Show

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In a move that is sure to disappoint many people, the Stanford Cardinal marching band has been banned from performing in the halftime show of the 2011 Orange Bowl featuring Stanford and Virginia Tech. I suppose the move isn’t surprising given some of their past antics. Wikipedia provides a rundown of some of their more “amusing” antics over the years.

I’d have to argue my favorite would be driving the white Ford Bronco during the 1994 game USC-Stanford game at Palo Alto, the same year OJ was on trial. Arguably their most notorious “performance” resulted in a lifetime ban from the Notre Dame campus. Wikipedia describes it better than I can.

It sounds like the band will at least get some pre-game action with a six minute routine, although I’m guessing ESPN won’t be televising that. If anybody at the game checks out this thread, let us know what the band is up to. In the meantime, you can check out some video of their past performances at the official Stanford band YouTube page.