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Vic Fangio One In-House Candidate For Stanford

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio might be finding his services in high demand between two teams, one college and one pro. Like his head coach before him, Fangio is considered to be a candidate for jobs with the San Francisco 49ers and the Stanford Cardinal. Stanford is potentially looking to him for their vacant head coaching position, while San Francisco are possibly looking to bring him in as defensive coordinator under Harbaugh.

The 49ers are interested, at least according to Adam Schefter, and appear to be moving on from Greg Manusky. The Cardinal though, consider Fangio as one of three in-house candidates next to David Shaw and Greg Roman and all three appear to be solid options to coach the suddenly very-attractive Cardnal team now that Andrew Luck is on his way back.

Fangio has at least one supporter in James McGillicuddy, who had this to say (per Elliott Almond):

I have no idea what will happen with Vic, think he is a MUST for the success of our team next year. A MUST    

Strong words, and seeing a how Vic already has extensive experience in the NFL as a defensive coordinator, he might not feel the same lure that Harbaugh felt himslf. Fangio might have head coaching aspirations, and where better to start than at the college level with a team that went 12-1 with Andrew Luck at quarterback?