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2010 BCS Bowl Schedule Needs: Stanford Cardinal Fans On Facebook Want Fiesta Bowl

It's still unclear where the Stanford Cardinal will be playing next week. The Fiesta Bowl in Glendale and the Orange Bowl in Miami are the most likely destinations.

Stanford fans have made it clear their preference. Pretty much the whole fanbase, a proud 142 Cardinal fans strong, are stating the destination they desire!

The Orange Bowl must choose between Stanford and UConn.

By threatening NOT to travel to Miami for the Orange Bowl, we're asking the Orange Bowl Committee to choose UConn instead.

That would put Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma. We want a REMATCH!!

This is a better situation for Stanford fans, distance-wise, game-wise and national exposure-wise!!!

Uhh, ok, Stanford fans. A couple of things wrong with that.

Prestige: You do realize the Orange Bowl is tied for the second-oldest bowl in the entire system (along with the Sugar and the Sun Bowls).

Game-wise: Beating up on a Oklahoma squad might not be that impressive this year as shutting down a Virginia Tech team on an eleven game winning streak. The Hokies went undefeated in the ACC after losing to Boise State and James Madison. The Sooners got shut down by Texas A&M and fell apart in Missouri in a pretty down year in the Big 12.

Distance-wise: You went to Stanford. Aren't you rich enough to afford the ticket? Also, why exactly would you prefer the cosy confines of Miami in January over the stuffy and boring horizons of the greater Phoenix area?

Oh well. I'm sure you'll adjust yourself to the idea of taking your talents to South Beach soon enough.