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Stanford Cardinal Women's Basketball Ends UConn Huskies 90 Game Winning Streak

Tara Vanderveer and the Stanford Cardinal were the last team to beat Geno Auriemma and the Connecticut Huskies women's basketball program before they began their incredible 90 game win streak. And now, just shy of a thousand days later, they're the team that ends it. Stanford took down UConn in Palo Alto, winning 71-59.

Jeanette Pohlen was the hero for the Cardinal women, scoring 31 points on 15 field goal attempts, nailing five threes and making all ten of her free throws, as well as grabbing 9 rebounds and dishing 6 assists. Stanford harassed Maya Moore all night long, making her look extremely mortal--she shot only 5 for 15 and scored 14 points. Connecticut only shot 33 percent from the field and just could not sustain offense for more than two or three consecutive possessions.

Stanford now improves to 9-2 on the season and Connecticut falls to 12-1. Don't be surprised to see these two teams playing again this season ... in the tournament, that is.

After the jump, the Cardinal fanbase shows its spirit, courtesy of bubbaprog on Twitter.

The eyes of a madwoman.



I'm guessing this sign took hours of work to put together.



The baby is not a projectile.



Caroline Doty, becoming a zombie.



Condolezza Rice is pumped.



A Stanford basketball player ... gets a hug in the UConn huddle? HUH?



This Cardinal fan clearly needs some practice being a sports fan. And understanding how to use pom-poms.



All in all, it was quite a night in Palo Alto.