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Jim Harbaugh Believed To Be Next Michigan Wolverines Head Coach, According To NFL GMs and Experts

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According to Adam Schefter of ESPN (who is also a Michigan Wolverines alum), the days of Jim Harbaugh as Stanford Cardinal head coach are numbered as much as Rich Rodriguez coaching the Michigan Wolverines. Because Harbaugh will soon be on the verge of taking Rodriguez's jobYou can listen to Schefter talk with Ross Tucker on the ESPN Football Today podcast about the rumor. Start around the 18:45 mark to get the full quotes.

"They'd [The San Francisco 49ers would] love Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. My understanding is that it's going to be very difficult for them to get him, and I don't think he'll wind up there. The sense is that Jim Harbaugh will wind up at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, coaching the Maize and Blue.

"Again, this is the buzz around the league. This is what people, smart people think is going to happen. That's the sense of people that I know and trust and respect, that Harbaugh will not go to the Niners, that he will go to Michigan, and it'll be up to another NFL job to see if it could entice him and prevent him from going to a place like Michigan."

So you can see that Schefter isn't completely sure that Harbaugh will go to Michigan. The San Francisco 49ers want Harbaugh as well, but they might need to really spice up the offer to sway him away from the maize and blue. The situation couldn't have worked out more perfectly for Harbaugh, who has plenty of parties interested in him, and is free to leverage his contract buying price as much as he pleases.

The only thing Schefter is convinced about? Harbaugh is leaving Stanford right after the bowl game, and then Andrew Luck will leave for the NFL Draft once his coach leaves.  Not good news for Cardinal fans, although Schefter is less sure about Luck's future than Harbaugh's because of Luck's desire to complete his degree.

Jason La Canfora has similar bad news. He tweets.
As we chronicled earlier this week, NFL GMs I talk to, including some looking at coaches, think Harbaugh goes to U of Michigan

Schefter is one thing; he's a reliable source, but far from the final word on the issue. But pro management getting that vibe that Harbaugh is packing for Ann Arbor? Not a good sign for Stanford, or the 49ers fans clamoring for him.