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Jim Harbaugh, Bob Bowlsby Not On Same Page? Stanford Coach Disputes Athletic Director's Claims

Stanford Cardinal athletic director Bob Bowlsby seemed very confident this offseason that head coach Jim Harbaugh was ready to come back, and that they were prepared to throw more than gold toilets at him. Harbaugh currently earns $1.25 million dollars a year, and Bowlsby indicated the hottest coach in America would "be willing to accept his offer".

However, Harbaugh has refused to discuss anything about the upcoming coaching frenzy that'll follow the Orange Bowl between Stanford and Virginia Tech. He's been all business, which has to be a worrying sign for Cardinal fans--all he had to say was he was working hard to reach a contract agreement with Stanford and boom, fears assuaged. When asked to press on the matter by the media, and also to talk about what Bowlsby had to say, Harbaugh responded (and I quote)

"Maybe he misspoke."

Yikes. Never a good sign when your athletic director and coach are miscommunicating like that. Cardinal fans better hope this is just gamesmanship, because the talk around Harbaugh continues to heat up as 2011 approaches.