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Orange Bowl 2011, Stanford vs. Virginia Tech: Top Ten Things To Drink To During The Broadcast

Do you ever forget to drink as much as you’d like during a game? Do you enjoy the idea of fate dictating your intoxication level? Do you like to have a reason to attach to your drinking? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, I have just the Top Ten list for you. Top Ten Things To Drink To During The Orange Bowl:

1.The Mention of Lebron James and/or the Miami Heat: In a time where TV personalities look for a reason to mention Lebron and his teammates, playing in Miami is excuse enough. Have some cans of beer on hand, because this could come early and often. When it does, shotgun a beer.

2. An Andrew Luck Pun: When the player on the field with the highest profile has a last name of Luck, you can be sure the puns are soon to follow. If you like to take a shot, you are in luck. With every pun, take a shot.

3. The Jaworski Breakdown/Luck Love fest: Anyone who watches Monday Night Football knows what I am talking about. They’ll cut together a few highlights of Luck in action while Jaws starts drooling at the mouth while speaking football geek. When he does, finish your beer in hand.

4. Points Scored: When the team you root for scores a field goal, take a swig of beer. When they score a touchdown, take a chug of beer. When they get scored on…take a pull off of a bottle of liquor.

5. You Hear the Name Don Johnson or Gloria Estefan: When you hear those magic names it’s keg stand time. If you don’t have a keg, shame on you and pound ’til your eyes water.

Now that is a solid start. So, for the rest of these, drink as you see fit.

6. Every Time You See the Stanford Tree
7. A Shot of Miami Outside the Stadium
8. A Harbaugh Rumor is Brought Up
9. A College Playoff System is Discussed
10. Struggling Ticket Sales are Mentioned