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Orange Bowl 2011, Stanford vs. Virginia Tech: Travel Prices and Ideas

If you are traveling to the Orange Bowl this year and you like to have options, you are in luck. There are plenty of flights and hotels to choose from. Many hotels are already booked and I imagine that flights are headed that way. So, stop procrastinating and get on it already. You've already taken the most important step in planning for your travel by visiting this fine site, because I have done the leg work for you.

If you want to simply click a button and have your travel arrangements taken care of and you want to be surrounded by fellow Stanford fans then is the place for you. They are the official Orange Bowl travel arrangers for the Stanford Boosters. They have various packages to choose from that go as far as hotel reservation, tickets to the various events and travel to the events.

The Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach and the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel are the official Stanford hotels for the Orange Bowl. The Eden Roc is already booked. There are plenty of hotels to choose from in the area. This link to will take you right to hotels in the Orange Bowl vicinity. Prices start at $77 for single rooms.

The closest airport is Miami International, which is 5.3 miles from the stadium. Just like the hotels there will be plenty of flights to choose from. Right now it is cheaper to fly out in 2010. Flights leaving from San Francisco before New Years are starting at $673 for one-stop flights and $703 for non-stop flights. Flights leaving on January 2 are currently starting at $834 for one-stop and $1034 for non-stop. With no stops it is scheduled as a 5 hour 15 minute flight. 

Google Maps has you covered if you want to check out the area around the Orange Bowl. Here is the Official Orange Bowl Site.