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College Football Rankings, Week 14: AP Poll Reflects BCS Component Polls

The Associated Press Poll was released this morning and it reflects what we have already seen in the other college football rankings this week. The AP Poll is only of value as an indicator of what folks are thinking around the country. We already know the results of the USA Today/Coaches Poll and Harris Interactive College Football Poll. However, the AP Poll is still interesting in terms of getting an idea of what the main stream media thinks about the current results.

As with the other polls, the AP poll reflects what we have come to expect thus far. Stanford is fifth in this poll as they've been in the other two polls. The only differences we've seen in the polls is the position of Boise State compared to LSU, and then some of the positioning down in the bottom half of the poll. Of course, since the Harris Interactive Poll does include some current and former media members as well, it's not surprising the polls are very similar.

Full poll is as follows:

  1. Oregon
  2. Auburn
  3. TCU
  4. Wisconsin
  5. Stanford
  6. Ohio State
  7. Michigan State
  8. Arkansas
  9. Boise State
  10. Oklahoma
  11. LSU
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. Nebraska
  14. Nevada
  15. Missouri
  16. Oklahoma State
  17. Alabama
  18. South Carolina
  19. Texas A&M
  20. Florida State
  21. Utah
  22. Mississippi State
  23. West Virginia
  24. Northern Illinois
  25. Hawaii