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NFL Injury Update: Vikings' Adrian Peterson Hurt, Toby Gerhart Temporarily Replaces Him

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson injured his ankle early in the second quarter, and while he's probable to return, former Stanford running back Toby Gerhart has taken a majority of the snaps in his place. The third quarter is under way and Gerhart just ran in his first career touchdown. Gerhart has nine rushes for 27 yards.


Peterson remains probable to return but he did not start the second half so it will be interesting to see when he gets back into the game. The announcers were saying he seemed antsy to get back in the game but it could just be the announcers saying something that had no real meaning.


It's safe to say this qualifies as a good weekend for Gerhart. Not only does he get his first career NFL touchdown, but his Stanford Cardinal appear to be on the verge of securing a BCS bowl berth. The Cardinal earned the first 11-win season in school history and now await the fall out in the polls.