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Cal vs. Stanford, 2010 Big Game: Cal Gets On The Board With First Quality WildCat Play In Ages

In what should not be a surprise, the California Golden Bears finally got on board once Brock Mansion was not taking the snap. Cal True freshman Keenan Allen took the snap out of the wildcat formation and after evading three Stanford defenders, Allen fired a touchdown pass to wide receiver Marvin Jones. The game is well out of hand, but the fans finally got something to enjoy as Cal now trails 45-7.

Brock Mansion initially lined up under center but then split out wide left and Allen took the snap. Allen ran to his right and then was looking to pass when the Cardinal began to converge on him. Allen cut back to his left when another defender nearly grabbed him. He then stepped up looking to run with it before firing his pass to a wide open Marvin Jones.

The highlight reel play is the first of the game for the Bears and it was certainly a good one. Maybe Cal should run the wildcat a bit more frequently as it was more effective than Mansion’s been all day.