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College Football Picks, Week 11: Stanford Picked To Win By Most

It shouldn’t surprise folks that most people expect Stanford to defeat Arizona State later this afternoon. Although the Cardinal find themselves on the road against a sometimes solid opponent, ASU is just too inconsistent to defeat a very strong Stanford football team.

At CBS Sports four out of five experts are picking the Cardinal. I came across a blog by college football writer Phil Steele. He puts together a computer forecast of the score and yardage and for week 11, while his computer has Stanford winning, it also picks ASU to win the yardage battle. That’s certainly an interesting split and I’m curious if the victory would come due to turnovers or just inefficient use of the excess yards by Arizona State.

I’m no college football expert, but if I had to make a prediction, I’d say Stanford wins this one 41-24. They jump out to an early lead and cruise to victory. I could see some garbage time TDs affecting this score for Arizona State, but otherwise Stanford should cruise.