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USC and Stanford Blogs Unanimously Predict Cardinal Victory

The Cardinal and Trojan blogs on the SB Nation network, Rule of Tree (along with Go Mighty Card) and Conquest Chronicles, exchanged nochalant repartee about this weekend’s matchup in Palo Alto. Both see a triumphant Stanford walking off the field, particularly the Cardinal blogs.

ROT: I think Matt Barkley has some success moving the ball against Stanford and USC manages to keep things interesting for a half before the Trojans defense shows its true colors. I think Harbaugh might have a few surprises in store for Kiffin—perhaps a gadgety two-point conversion play?—and the Cardinal eventually pulls away in a high-scoring affair.

GMC: I don’t think the Cardinal will be feeling sorry for themselves after the Oregon game, I think they’ll be angry and looking to take it out on someone. Supporting this, Jim Harbaugh said this week that the team had the best Monday practice he’s seen since his arrival on the Farm. Also, the Cardinal should enjoy significant crowd support for the first time this season, as this will be their first home game with students in the stands. I expect a win. Stanford 38, USC 21

Conquest Chronicles doesn’t believe USC has the horses.

On paper, Stanford should roll over USC. They have the better coach, quarterback, and defense, so in all honesty, I don’t have much inclination to peg the Trojans as winners. But if it’s comforting in the slightest, the Cardinal run more of a pro-style offense, which should help to alleviate ‘SC’s defensive struggles against a spread attack. As a result, I look for this game to be a little closer, and low scoring, but should still result in a 34-21 victory for the Farm.

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