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Ryan Whalen Will Play, Chris Owusu And Richard Sherman's Status Uncertain

Luck’s primary receiver has said he will play. Luck’s most dangerous target seems less confident. Jon Wilner reports from the Cardinal practice.

Owusu and fellow WR Ryan Whalen practiced today, albeit in yellow jerseys (no contact).

Whalen (dislocated elbow) told me he would play — with no hint of doubt in his voice — but Owusu (blow to the head) wasn’t as definitive when asked by the Chron’s Tom FitzGerald.

Specifically, Owusu said he expected to play but would have to see “how my head clears.”

Harbaugh said Owusu was “progressing very well.”

Another note of concern is that one of the Cardinal’s best defensive backs could also be out of action.

  • Cornerback Richard Sherman watched practice in a T shirt and shorts. Asked about Sherman’s situation, Harbaugh paused, then said: “No comment.”

I didn’t notice Sherman get hurt during the Oregon game. There could be any number of reasons that he didn’t practice today, and he could very well play Saturday, for all I know.

Matt Barkley’s job might have gotten a little easier.