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Stanford Administering A Beatdown On Washington, Up 28-0 At Halftime

It’s been all Cardinal. Andrew Luck hasn’t just done with his arm (13 for 18 for 156 yards), but he started off the scoring with a 51 yard rushing touchdown. On the first four drives the Cardinal had drives of 86, 42, 61, and 80 yards to put up four touchdowns on the board, and all of them were rushing. First it was Luck, Stepfan Taylor added two more touchdowns, and Tyler Gaffney capped off the first half scoring with three red zone scores. Ryan Whalen and Doug Baldwin have been Luck’s main targets, catching four passes apiece for a combined 87 yards. Taylor and Luck both have 67 rushing yards and Gaffney added 28.

The Husky offense has been shut down by the Stanford defense. Chris Polk has eight yards on eight carries. Jake Locker has been sacked three times and completed only four passes for 35 yards. The Huskies have 35 yards to the Cardinal’s 318, 3 first downs to Stanford’s 17 and converted only one third down to the Cardinal’s five.