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Sharks' Logan Couture feels in playing shape for potential NHL season

The San Jose Sharks center will return to Canada and no longer play in Switzerland, but feels he could play immediately should the lockout end soon.


San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture will return home to Canada after playing 22 games overseas and scoring 23 points with Swiss professional club Geneva-Servette.

According to CSN Bay Area, Couture wanted to return home to avoid the risk of injury. He feels he could play without issue if the NHL season were to emerge from the lockout in the near future. "I'm in game shape, played 20-plus games and got my timing down and everything. I think I looked at it as a risk-and-reward type thing," he said during the interview. "Where if I continue to play over here and something bad did happen, I would regret it."

Couture will head back to his native Canada in order to spend the holiday season with his family, something he normally doesn't get to do during the NHL season. He plans on continuing to work out to remain in shape should the NHL lockout end soon.